Chapter Achievements

2021 Outstanding Chapter of the Year Award

In only our first year of establishment, we were granted this award by the national organization for our establishment of events, projects, and programs that carried out the mission of Nu Rho Psi, contributed to neuroscience education and research in the institution, community, and the field, and had an impact on and involvement of student members.

Chapter Activities Grant

Awarded a grant from Nu Rho Psi to support a chapter activity promoting public awareness of the brain and/or service to the community.

Student Achievements

Outstanding Nu Rho Psi Member of the Fall 2021 Semester

Outstanding Nu Rho Psi Mentorship Group of the Fall 2021 Semester

James Wairagu and Awab Tanoli were awarded the Winter-Spring/Summer 2022 UROP Award.

James's research focuses on assessing how hippocampal functional connectivity supports memory development (under Dr. Noa Ofen) Awab's research focuses on identifying novel extracellular vehicle bio markers after experimental traumatic brain injury in mice (under Dr. Alana Conti)

Lana Grasser, TNP Graduate Student Member, successfully completed her PhD Defense!

Maryam Abbawi and Mehtaab Dhillon were selected for the Summer 2021 Richard Barber Interdisciplinary Research Program.

Maryam's research focused on Photoacoustic Imaging of Calcium Transient Dynamics of Neural Ensembles in a Rat Model (under Dr. Shane Perrine and Dr. Mohammad Mehrmohammadi).

Mehtaab's research focused on Tracking Metabolic Fate of Fat in Living Cells Using Genetically Encoded Protein Sensors (under Dr. Hanaa Hariri and Dr. Charlie Fehl).

Noor Alesawy, James Wairagu, and Shreya Desai were awarded the Winter-Spring/Summer 2021 UROP Award.

Noor's research focused on the effects of photobiomodulation (PBM) on traumatic brain injury-induced opioid seeking (under Dr. Alana Conti)

James's research focused on Linking Memory‐related Functional Brain Connectivity to Individual Differences in Intelligence and Across Development (under Dr. Noa Ofen) Shreya's research was titled, Behind the “Runner’s High”: A systematic review and meta‐analysis on the effects of exercise on endocannabinoid levels (under Dr. Hilary Marusak).

Faculty Achievements