Nu Rho Psi

Wayne State University National Honor Society in Neuroscience

Who Are We?

Nu Rho Psi is the National Honor Society in Neuroscience, founded in 2006, for undergraduate students, medical students, graduate students, and faculty. The Wayne State University chapter of Nu Rho Psi inducted its first inaugural class fall semester 2020! Our chapter also received 2021 Outstanding Chapter of the Year Award from the National organization!

Our Purpose

 Meet the Executive Board and Committee Chairs

Maryam Abbawi


Selin Yalcinoglu

Vice President

Sanjana Vutukuri 

Director of Correspondence

Hailey Amouri

Director of Finance

Iman Manzoor

Director of Membership

Awab Tanoli

Director of External Programs

Zahraa Ghosn

Director of Academics

Hasan Jumani

Director of Academics

Sattvik Basarkod

Director of Research

Majd Yahya 

Chair of Fundraising Committee

Leen Rass

Chair of the Community Service Committee

Mariya Matsko

Chair of the Public Relations Committee

Amal Elsaleh

Chair of the Event Coordination Committee

Dr. Thomas Fischer, PhD

Faculty Advisor

Associate Professor of Psychology &

Director of Undergraduate Neuroscience Program

Dr. Alana Conti, PhD

Faculty Advisor

Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neurosciences & Program Officer of Translational Neuroscience Program 

Annie Nguyen

Representative of the Translational Neuroscience Graduate Program

MD/PhD Student in the Translational Neuroscience Graduate Program

Fundraising Committee

Majd Yahya (Chair)

Ghadeer Abdulshafi

Alexander Randall

Nina Colo

Community Service Committee

Leen Rass (Chair)

Ayat Abed-Ali

Shridula Kotakondla

Nataliah Jwaida 

Public Relations Committee

Mariya Matsko (Chair)

Mohamed Ramadan

Faisal Hussain

Event Coordination Committee

Amal Elsaleh (Chair)

Grant Drouillard

Farah Hannoudi

Alexander Jakubiec