Study Groups Program

The Directors of Academics will be organizing study groups for select STEM classes offered at Wayne State, and you do not have to be a Nu Rho Psi member to join these groups. These study groups will encourage engagement with class materials and enable students to meet and help one another in difficult courses. We will be hosting silent study sessions on a regular basis as a way to create an in-person space for you to get together with your classmates as well as other WSU students and work on your class material. We will also be hosting Study Days; these are events larger than our regular study sessions and they may include workshops. Our first study day will be towards the end of September and for that, we will be talking about The Neuroscience Behind Learning as well as effective study techniques for you to do well in your classes. We strongly encourage you to sign up as soon as possible, as we will assign groups on September 19th.

We are happy to announce that this program will participate in the Point Bank system for Nu Rho Psi members. Points will be distributed as the following:

Signing up 5 points

Attending a virtual study group meeting 5 points

Attending an in-person study group meeting 7 points

In order to redeem these points, students should email a 2-3 sentence summary of what they learned during their meeting to their assigned director.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to and direct the email to the directors of academics!